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$25 Superpack: Meal Deal + Songbook


With this bargain pack, get the latest releases from the infamous musical satirists Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits, Meal Deal With The Devil and The Bobby Joe Ebola Songbook, for only $25!

Meal Deal With The Devil combines a five-song CD EP (including two “story-songs”) with an accompanying read-along storybook, illustrated by Jason Chandler of Horrible Comics. The story songs allow the reader to follow along in the book and turn the page at the right moment. It’s like learning to read all over again!

The Bobby Joe Ebola Songbook, also a collaboration with editor/illustrator Jason Chandler of Horrible Comics, contains lyrics and chords to 98 hilarious and easy-to-learn Bobby Joe Ebola songs. The 192-page Songbook also features scads of anecdotes, puzzles, essays, photographs, and other fun detritus from a stellar lineup of over 40 artists including Winston Smith, Dakota McFadzean, Jennie Cotterill, Mitch Clem, Cristy Road, Andy Warner, Keeli McCarthy, Petr Sorfa, Max Clotfelter, Jon Carling, Mike Foxall, Shielaugh Divelbiss, Richie Bucher, Ben Catmull, Eryc Why, Jason Novak and many more! Chock full of surprises and strangely inspiring, The Bobby Joe Ebola Songbook teaches you everything you need to be an obscure comedy band.