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Bobby Joe Ebola 1" Pinback Buttons


Made by our pals at Cleveland's Junky's Junk Shop & Button Haul (https://www.facebook.com/junkys.junkshop), these one inch round badges are a great way to wear something weird!

Choose from the following, starting at 12 o'clock and ending with the lil' goat from the cover of our 2010 LP, "F", in the middle!

Add any buttons to the cart, one at a time, if you would like to purchase a few different ones!

#1 - "Cartoon Logo" 1" Button by Jason Chandler
#2 - "Barbarian Warriors" 1" Button by Don Reniff
#3 - "Freaky Baby Logo" 1" Button by Janelle Hessig
#4 - "You Don't Have To Die Alone/Twin Towers" 1" Button by Beckett Warren
#5 - "Sick Jagger" 1" Button by Jason Chandler
#6 - "F Goat" 1" Button by Corbett Redford I