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Bobby Joe Ebola "Animals Of Bobby Joe Ebola" Button Set



The 'Animals of Bobby Joe Ebola' Button Set is based on the many finned, feathered and furry characters found in the songs of the band, Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits.

'The Dog Ate The Baby', 'Hermie Halbert, the Abrasive Tourette's Fish', 'The Skin Cancer Cockroaches', 'Mr. Turtle', 'Bobby the Squirrel' and 'Canary' buttons were illustrated by Christopher Murdoch (hambrawl.com). 'Strangely Patriotic Corbett & Dan' button was illustrated by Don Reniff (drunkduck.com/Bastard_Comics). All buttons colored by Shawn Martin.

$2 from every button set sold will be donated directly to the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society to help them recover from the tragic fire they experienced in May 2010.