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Bobby Joe Ebola "F" Vinyl LP w/ digital download, poster and more! (2010, 13 Tracks)


The first new album in 10 years from BOBBY JOE EBOLA AND THE CHILDREN MACNUGGITS, “F” is a searing look at how the world grinds us down… and how sometimes, we can fight the “F” back. 13 tracks meld rock, punk, psychedelia, and folk with the vicious, satirical wit that made them underground legends. Featuring guest spots by buddies from Fleshies, Your Mother, Blatz, M.K.O.T.C., Bay Area Derailleurs, and comedian Alex Koll! Vinyl LP contains an awesome pull-out poster, a digital download code for MP3 versions of the record and other cool items! (CD CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK)