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Bobby Joe Ebola "Cut From A Diffferent Fur" Live CD (2014, 10 Songs)


For the first time ever: Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits cut a live record! Recorded at San Francisco's Different Fur Studios it features 10 tracks including 3 new songs ("Get Off My Lawn", "Lost On A Gambler" & "In The Corn") plus some of their most beloved favorites! This recording captures Corbett and Dan in an intimate acoustic performance at one of San Francisco's most legendary studios.

Featuring cover art by Jason Chandler of Horrible Comics and photos by Flip Cassidy!

1. Intro / The Crazy 04:21
2. Get Off My Lawn 01:59
3. Poly 03:08
4. I've Got A Bomb 01:08
5. You Don't Have To Die Alone 01:25
6. Lost On A Gambler 03:35
7. Waking Up Is Hard To Do 02:37
8. Blues Turn Brown 02:33
9. In The Corn 03:43
10. Life Is Excellent 04:32